Get Your Food & Drink On with These Recipe Apps from @agardina

Mar 30, 2011

when you heart apps as much as I do, you may or may not ask all of your friends to show you what apps they use regularly. Here are some food and drink recipes apps recommended to me by Alyssa. I’m thinking I might need to invite myself over for dinner! You know… to test how well these apps work.

Whole Foods Market

Looking for healthy and delicious food? Search Whole Foods Market Recipes for recipes featuring the finest natural and organic foods. You can search recipes by ingredients and dietary preferences such as gluten-free, low fat, and vegetarian/vegan. Every Whole Foods Market recipe includes nutritional information and cooking instructions. I think it’s great that Whole Foods is helping all of us live a healthier lifestyle inside and outside their store.


ShopShop – Shopping List

anyone who is serious about cooking, knows you must have some system for keeping track of your to-buy grocery lists. It’s never fun to get halfway through a recipe and realize you forgot something. This free app resembles a post-it note but of course has more functionality. Create multiple lists, drag and drop to re-order items, and simple tap to mark item as purchased.


BigOven 350,000+ Recipes and Grocery List

This app has what seems to be a never ending supply of recipes. You can search by title, get ideas to use up leftovers, browse recently favorited (raved) recipes, browse recipes of cooks near you, or if all else fails hit the random button. While I love all the recipes search and find options in this app, I am also a fan of the screensaver type rotating food images that scroll while the app is idle. Food photos always get extra points in my book.


Allrecipes Dinner Spinner

this app is great for helping you decide what to make. With so many recipe sites and apps – finding a recipe is not longer the hard part of cooking, it’s decide what to look up recipes for. The Dinner Spinner makes this choice a little more interactive. In a slot machine style spin you can select dish type, main ingredient and watch it spin. You can also search by self set filters – like low sodium, not diary, etc. I like that each recipe has user ratings with each recipe.

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Epicurious Recipes & Shopping List

If the fact that this app has over Over 3.9 million downloads is any indication of how popular Epicurious is than that might be explanation enough! Epicurious has a variety of recipes, most of which I’d suggest for those who know their way around the kitchen. There are over 30,000 professionally created recipes from Bon Appetit, Gourmet, Self, and renowned chefs and cookbooks on the Epicurious website and apps (iPhone/iPad).


Mixology™ Drink & Cocktail Recipes (Free)

This “recipe” app can be used at home to create fun drinks or maybe in a bar for amusement to test the bartender. With over 7,900 drink recipes there’s sure to be a thing or two in here for everyone. I love that this app uses some features of traditional recipe apps – like you can add which mixers and alcohols you currently have on hand and it will give you drink ideas. You can also find nearby liquor stores. If you decide to upgrade from the free version you can save your own drink recipes.


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