Get Your Deal On: Apps for Living on the Cheap

Feb 13, 2011

There are so many Deal of the Day sites and apps if you are patient you may not have to pay full price for any number of items from restaurants to tshirts and even wine. Here are the deal saving apps I have and use frequently.


I love and the variety of their daily deals. With the WootWatch app you can view, sellout woot, shirt woot, wine woot, and kid woot. If you want to buy an item it redirects you to your Safari to finalize your purchase through woot’s mobile website.


Groupon – Deals, Coupons & Shopping: Discounts on Local Restaurants, Events, Hotels, Yoga & Spas

daily deals that are specific to your city. I’ve purchased several restaurant deals through Groupon.



another localized deal of the day site. LivingSocial has daily deals, escapes (vacation/hotel deals) and you can view your past purchases.


Amazon Deals

Daily deals from the big gorilla of online shopping!



is a deal aggregator with several different deals – a lot of TVs, cameras and other electronic deals. You can also browse different categories like clothes, flowers, books, movies and the list goes on!


Shop Savvy

want to know if you are getting the best price on something? scan the barcode and Shop Savvy will compare prices for you. You can also view popular deals from Groupon, Gap, Target, Home Depot and more!


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