Get rid of boredom, put some music on !!

Sep 15, 2010

This is all about music apps

Digitally Imported

This is the best radio channel for Trance, Techno, and many more on the genre, u can choose from all kind of Dance and the quality it’s pretty good 40K AAC format


102.3 XLC

Great Radio App, u can view the album art and even the track list when a song is played


Big Top 40

UK’s radio channel, it serves with many England radio channel, from pop, hip-hop, R&B, etc. Actually it is based on the iTunes chart (the main show, Big Top 40)


Free Live Radio Playlists (FLRP)

U can play wide variety of music from each country in US from California, Denver, New York, and many more


Groove Singapore+

Singapore radio station which plays cool music from 90’s and tomorrow hits


Groove FREE: Smart Music Player for iPhone

Cool Music app, it sync ur iPod library on your iPhone and make mixes from them with lot of choices u’re never experienced before


HOT 107.9 WJFX

Great radio app from one of popular radio channel in US, host by Ryan Seacrest as one of the DJ in their show


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