Get Ready for the Oscars!

Mar 5, 2010

Every year I have a permanent reservation right in front of my TV the day of the Oscars. I love plopping down with a big bowl of popcorn and watching everything from the red carpet to the Oscar after-parties!
This year I’ve put together my favorite apps that I will be using to make sure I am up to date on everything that has to do with Hollywood’s favorite giant gold man.. OSCAR : )

The Oscars®

This app is the official application for the 2010 Oscars, and even better, it’s FREE! This app allows you to search through all of the categories and view who is nominated for each one. You can also view the trailers for the nominated movies and learn interesting information about the film, cast and crew. My favorite part of this application is you can predict who you think is going to win for each category and then share it on Twitter, Facebook, etc.
It also will have real-time results during the award show so you can see who the rest of the world predicted would win and who actually won.


Awards: The Oscars®

This app is great for people who not only want to know about this years Oscar nominees but also learn about previous years winners. You can browse through the list of this years nominees and predict who you think is going to take home the award. Then, while you wait for the show to begin, you can browse through previous years and view the list of winners by year or category.
You can also view the award history for a particular actor or movie.
This app will also up updated during real time during the Oscars on Sunday to give you an up to date list of winners.
This app is .99 cents.


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The Red Carpet

This app is very similar to the official Oscars app but this application offers you the chance to win $1 million bucks!! Sign me up!
In addition to a chance at winning some cash, this app gives real time information on everything that has to do with the Oscars, including all new information on the films and actors leading up to event. You can predict which film you think will win, keep track of your predictions to see if you were correct, and share you predictions with your friends.
You can also watch trailers and connect directly to Netflix if you see a trailer for a film you are interested in renting.
This app is $2.99.


Meet The Awards

This app is similar to the others in that you can look up the nominees, predict who you think will win and share your predictions with friends.
However, the one thing I enjoyed most about this application (other than the fact that it’s free) was that it is connected directly to IMDB so you can look up more information about the nominees and learn about the previous films they have been in.


Movie Challenge: Oscars® Special

Need something to keep you entertained while you’re waiting for Ryan Secrest to stop babbling? This trivia application is all about the Oscars! It will quiz you on information about previous years winners and your knowledge of the history of the Oscars.
It also allows you to search through this years nominees and predict who you think will win.
Overall, this game is very addicting and has enough questions to keep you entertained throughout the entire award show.
This app is .99 cents.

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