Get Organized: My Utilities Folder for iPad

Nov 30, 2010

Thank goodness for iOS 4.2 and the folder features as I was running out of real estate on my iPad for apps. Here’s the primary apps in my “utilities” folder that so far are the best of the best- if you know of more, please recommend…


I used to rely on it more when I juggled a Win 7 laptop, iMac, and iPad. Great way to synch your data in the cloud.



It rocks with my Lexmark printer, but iOS 4.2 will make it obsolete soon


Pad Info

Good basic compiler of your iPad stats- memory, storage, space, versions, etc.


Jumbo Calculator

Go for the big one!


Night Browser

So you don’t bother your loved one while they are sleeping- also good on red eyes


Offline Pages: Save Complete Web Pages to Read Later

Pull web pages off for offline viewing later



Great alarm clock for iPad



Great level device for iPad


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