Get Organized: My Social Folder

Nov 30, 2010

Thank goodness for iOS 4.2 and the folder features as I was running out of real estate on my iPad for apps. Here’s the primary apps in my “Social” folder

Hootsuite: Schedule Posts for Twitter, Instagram & More

My #1 Twitter client



I like the basic app on iPad, even better than its Web cousin



Decent INterface, but I rely on it lees since I have Hootsuite


HelTweetica for Twitter

It has some decent features, multiple account support, especially the ability to add text to retweets!


TweetDeck for iPad

Keep it around for nostalgia purposes, used to crash like mad at first, has gotten better with updates


Friends Albums

Yes, you have to give away all your data rights at signup, but it makes a great collage of your friends’ photos that they paste on Facebook!


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