Get Organized: My Navigation Folder on iPad

Nov 30, 2010

Thank goodness for iOS 4.2 and the folder features as I was running out of real estate on my iPad for apps. Here’s the primary apps in my “Navigation” folder that so far are the best of the best- if you know of more, please recommend…

INRIX Traffic Maps, Routes & Alerts

They monitor the world, based out of Kirkland, Washington, and they make a great iPad app too!


NYC Traffic (iPad Edition)

Because I’m there so much!



Decent app, there are better ones, but it’s a good fall back app


Plane Finder HD Free

Nice, get the paid edition for more realtime data


Transit Maps

I’ve loaded it with all the transit maps of all the cities around the world that I’ve been to and still go to


Google Earth

It’s amazing on iPad!


Beat the Traffic HD

Nice little app


Scenic Map Grand Canyon

Love flying over it and this topo map helps!


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