Get Organized: My Foodie Folder on iPad

Nov 30, 2010

Thank goodness for iOS 4.2 and the folder features as I was running out of real estate on my iPad for apps. Here’s the primary apps in my “Foodie” folder that so far are the best of the best apps for making dishes, eating dishes, or just learning about different cuisines- if you know of more, please recommend…

Gourmet Live

Awesome online version of the classic


Good Food Healthy Recipes

BBC app with great recipes, photos and prep tips


Whole Foods Market

Great recipes from a great grocer


Epicurious Recipes & Shopping List

An early iPad app and still one of the best in this category


OpenTable for iPad

Don’r make a meal, go out and have one! Essential reservation app and restaurant guide


Chili Fan

awesome app for lovers of a great chili cookoff!


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