Get Organized: My Art Folder on iPad

Nov 30, 2010

Thank goodness for iOS 4.2 and the folder features as I was running out of real estate on my iPad for apps. Here’s the primary apps in my “Art” folder that so far are my favorites in the “creating art” category for iPad- if you know of more, please recommend…

Meritum Paint

Cool paint program for iPad, paint/draw with multiple fingers, create patterns, lots of color selection


Art Of Glow

The best of the glow art apps for iPad



cool fractal creator for iPad although it does run slow the more complex the fractal


Crazy Photo Booth – 25 in 1 Effects

Kids will love it morphing photos of the ‘rents


Art Creator Lite

Decent Lite version, upgrade for more effects


Amazing Video ART HD by Leenam Lee

More an artists’ studio than a drawing program



Cool poster creator app for iPad, lots if different effects and genres to pick from


Adobe Photoshop Express

More a photo sharing service but you can tweak them, add boarders, fix things, saturate colors, cool visual effects…


Wallpapers Daily for iPad

nice wallpaper source


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