Get On My Phone 2

Dec 28, 2011

OK, so you all know that I spent a month in Nicaragua. I removed a ton of applications while I was there as they either wouldn’t work or I didn’t think I’d need them. I added some back that I wasn’t expecting to use and when I got home I put these back on my phone immediately. Why? Because they are the best apps at what they do. Because they are the things I either missed or simply wouldn’t want to do without. You want these apps on your phone.

Weight Loss Coach by Fooducate – Personalized Calorie Counter, Food Tracker, Motivation, and Healthy Recipes

I love this app. I love that you can scan food items and it tells you better options that are healthier. Because let’s face it, often you just want some wheat bread or a cookie but you’re not passionate about which one. By letting you know better options you can make better choices.



I’ve got my Starbucks card on here but mainly I use it to find good, high speed wifi. That and open coffee on holidays!


I Can Has Cheezburger

Love this app but it’s crashy and I didn’t keep it on my phone as I doubted I’d want to fight with it while surfing on less than functional tubes. Sadly it’s not that great on fully functional interwebs either. It’s still worth it. Totally still worth it.


Camp Where

Perfect app for finding camp spots. You often have to go off app to find information about the site but at least you can find a place around you quickly if need be.


FML Official for iOS 4

Love FML for a good laugh. Though not quite as good as it used to be it’s still a funny read when you’re waiting for the bus or a doctor or otherwise bored.


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