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Jun 19, 2010

Inspired by the news this week about the “First replicating creature spawned in Life simulator”, I decided to investigate what free apps were available for messing around with Conway’s Game of Life on iPhone/iPod Touch.

Conway’s Game of Life – Paper Edition

This implementation of Conway’s Game of life is the only one that both lets you save your set up, and also comes with a selection of “interesting objects” that demonstrate some of the more curious behaviours the emerge from Conway’s simple rules. Unfortunately the “Back” and “Forward” buttons seem to be broken.



Ashy Desai’s implementation is low on features but some how manages to remain a top pick. What it does do, it does just right, a nice big grid fills the screen, freeing you to explore the behaviours that emerge from the patterns you make. And that is all.



Generations has one feature that none of the other free Conway Apps have, and that earns it a spot on the list. It lets you set the grid size, and even change the rules.


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