Games which are fun and (almost) useful time wasters

Jan 21, 2010

Sometimes you just need to relax, empty your mind. Somtimes, you just have just five minutes to waste: at the dentist’s, in the train …
Those 5 games are just ideal for that, you must have them


The best app for letting of the steam. Kill those damn furries that keep comin’ up. (Read my review for detailed info)


iBlast Moki

Fun and intelligent; as opposed to minigore, you’ll use your brain. Very fun


Music Quiz Frenzy

Best music quiz ever ! Based on your library, tons of features, inc. multiplayer. Check it out



For me the best tower defense game. You’ll need a little more than 5 minutes, though …


Blimp – The Flying Adventures

Fun, not too hard, not too easy. Nice controls, different mission. Spent some time on this one …


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