Games to think outside the box

Aug 22, 2011

I love that the iOS give you the chance to experiment. There are games for iDevices that are so full of creativity that deserve to be pulled apart from the rest. The games on this list are worth your money if you are looking for something more than shoot, duck and jump.

Today I Die Again

More than a game, this is a piece of 8bit art. Go and play it. It will let you happy!


Prose with Bros

One to one creative writing contest! even others can vote for the best.



This game is a great experience because you play with your world around you.



Even if the controls sometimes suck. This game is changelling, gorgeus and fun.


Hamlet or the Last Game without MMORPG Features, Shaders and Product Placement

The puzzles are great, excellent graphics and a sense of humor.


Groove Coaster

Not that changelling, but weird, almost apocalyptic. A new kind of musical game with a touch of retro and great visuals.


Joining Hands

At first sight, this game seems like if its just for kids… Its not.


Imaginary Range

Its not a comic, its not a game… its both!! Oh, and its free.


Papa Sangre

Weird, scary, the only VIDEOgame with no video. A little expensive but well worth your money.


The Heist

Just remembering the puzzles of this game make my head hurts.


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