Games that feature stick figures as their main character

Sep 25, 2010

Who knew so much could be done with a stick figure and great music? Check out these simple and fun games.

Stick Stunt Biker Lite

Tilt your iphone and use the brake and accelerator to help the biker navigate tricky jumps and difficult terrain. This app is highly addictive and very fun! I love the graphics, but the music could be better.



Who knew a stick figure running app could be so much fun? Mr. Runner runs. Be careful not to get squashed and use the controls to speed up or slow down. Also, I really loved the music!


Mr.Space!! Lite

Mr. Space is a neat and simple game where you have to move the character (Mr.Space) into the correct position so that he does not get crushed from below or above. The music is out of a really comical eighties action movie and the sound effects are fun.


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