Games I would Pass On May 2010

Jun 1, 2010

These games are O.K. It’s just that with such a huge selection, some are really extraordinary and others are just so-so. If you tend to like my reviews and taste, then skip over these games.

Dexter Scramble

I’m very disappointed in this app as it is just an advertisement for Showtime. The puzzle is Dexter on a magazine cover. It doesn’t do the show any justice.


iWash my Cats lite

iWash my Cats lite. WTF? I downloaded it out of curiosity. I’m not exactly sure what children are supposed to be learning in this “game.” The cat appears dirty, then you wash it with soap, dry it and brush it. Hmmmm


Boxed In Lite

I failed miserably at this game and I’m not sure I can blame that all on the game itself. I just wasn’t any good at it and couldn’t really figure it out that well. Maybe you will have better luck?


Traffic Rush

The idea of this game is to keep the traffic flowing without any of the cars crashing into each other. The fun is short lived, but it was worth the download.


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