Games I Play and Games Created (Rock Sliders)

Jun 9, 2011

I’m an independant game developer from Vancouver, BC, Canada and these are the games that I play. I want to share my new game, Rock Sliders released June 8, 2011! It’s a shuffleboard/curling type arcade puzzle game that is easy to play and the skill challenges are unique.
It’s here:


Smart Target

Rock Sliders is a RosePear Studio creation. Fun Shuffleboard/Curling game using different specialty rocks and a rock paper scissors mini game.


Angry Birds

Awesome game. Inspired me to create Rock Sliders.


Cut the Rope Original™

Great game. So simple and effective.


Paper Ninja

As fun as Fruit Ninja but free


Plants vs. Zombies

Addictively fun.


Tilt to Live

Really fast paced action and skill testing.



Informative talks on the go.



Never leave home without it. Have always found a use for it when out.



Fieldrunners Awesome tower defense game


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