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Jan 13, 2012

I should say that the game play on these isn’t what pulls me in necessarily. As someone who doesn’t really play iPhone games these games blew me away in some other way. Definitely worth checking out.

The Adventures of Timmy: Run Kitty Run

If you’ve read my reviews before you know I’m not much of a running/jumping game fan and while this may not stay on my phone for long because of that, this particular game is too well done to rate poorly.

The app has absolutely beautiful graphics. Fun and cute but well done and easy to see it makes playing really enjoyable. Beyond that the controls are so easy I could figure them out right off the bat without any confusion at all. That’s saying something for a game in a genre I don’t usually play. Very few developers get controls right in these kinds of games and yet this game makes it look so easy that really they all should.

If you love running type games you really should pick this one up. It’s interesting enough to make it worth the price and easy enough to understand and play to make it really fun.



OK, I’m not a huge run and jump app fan so to make me give you 5 stars on an app you’re going to have to appeal to something I do love. Cute. This app is so stinking cute it’s painful.

You’re a little ghostie dude, the same one that’s the icon for this app and you run and jump over stuff that’s trying to kill you. You are cute, super cute really which means you’re more awesome than a normal run and jump game.

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The game is also SUPER easy to understand which is a massive plus. Unless a game is awesome I don’t want to have to read directions to play. Frankly I don’t want to have to read directions for any app.

For that reason if you’re a cute fan or a fan of games you should definitely download this freebie!



I’ve said before that I hate accellerometer games because often I’m playing while laying down. This game fixes that problem because you can choose how to play it. Turns out it seems to work best for me using the accellerometer but none the less, I like having choices.

Part of any games appeal is it’s overall look and feel and this game wins at that without question. The character is a cute (but dark) cat and everything is in black and white. You might think that would be boring but it’s certainly not.

All that said, I’m not a huge fan of running type games so it’s unlikely I’ll keep this one for long but if you are a fan of these types of games you should absolutely check it out. Likely one of the best games visually out there.


Cut the Rope Original™

I felt like a 13 year old girl when I wrote that title and frankly that’s what I feel like when I play this game. The character is so adorably cute it will qualify for Squeee at some point.

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The game itself is fun and challenging though nothing I’d keep on my phone (anyone who has read my reviews knows I stick mostly to solitaire) but I highly suggest you check out how adorable this game is just for it’s cute factor.

Basically you need to feed this guy. If you wait too long he’ll do flips or point at his mouth. If you accidentally lose by making the food float away or drop away he gets a super sad face. Yes, I know I’m not talking about the game here much but it’s because IT’S SOOO CUTE!

I could write more but I’m off to search for the plushy version of this adorable creature. You’ll have to figure out if you like the game on your own (there appears to be a free version as well so if you’re only there for the squeee factor give that a go).


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