Games: Halloween Edition

Oct 9, 2010

These would be innocent fun games have a dark twist to them! Perfect for getting in ghoulish spirit of Halloween!

Cat-Nabbin’ Zombies!

I usually stay away from shooting games, since they usually involve hurting sweet looking animals. However shooting zombies to protect your cute kitties seems like a good cause. If you don’t shoot ’em fast enough they eat your sad faced felines. Dark and spooky graphics, this is a perfect Halloween game!



This is a simple and very addictive game where you have to act fast and tap and tilt the screen to keep your ninja from falling. The gruesome twist is when your man falls, he plummets to his death and is impaled on building debris. Yikes!


Call of Duty: Zombies HD

The graphics in this one are downright nightmare inducing! Following the same pattern as the Call of Duty series, this one features terrifying zombies. This edition also comes with a slew of zombie fighting weapons, insane asylums and zombie hordes. Not for the faint of heart!



A great Jack o’ lantern carving app with out the mess of the pumpkin seeds!


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