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Mar 4, 2011

When it comes to games, I mostly think about quick and easy to play, but totally engaging. I spend most of my iPhone gaming time on the commuter train, or maybe waiting for an appointment, so the games have to be quick, quiet, and fun.

Bejeweled 2 + Blitz

The monster of all “quick pick up” games. Bejeweled, I just can’t quit you.


Angry Birds

I tend to get frustrated with this game, but always come back to it.


Cut the Rope Original™

Hilarious and engaging physics game.


Words With Friends Pro

Better than the official Scrabble app. What’s more fun that trying to beat your pals with a vocabulary test?


Moron Test Trilogy

Despite the somewhat offensive name, this game is truly addictive. And frustrating. It’s frustraddictive!


Robot Unicorn Attack Heavy Metal Edition

Unicorns. Heavy metal. What more do I have to say?


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