Games for the “I’m Not a Gamer”

Sep 27, 2010

These are the games that I play on the iPhone. I am not a gamer. I do not consider myself a gamer. I don’t have a console, I don’t play computer games, yet something about the Games in this list on the iPhone make them worth my time. These games are friendly and challenging for all!

Real Racing

This game has stunning graphics, excellent performance, and is just fun to play. You can have zero gaming knowledge and be able to play the game and have fun!


Tap Tap Revenge 3

This app is great because its in your hand, its easy (tap the balls as they go by the bottom of the screen) and go to the beat of the music!


SimCity™ Deluxe

This app isn’t so much for the complete non-gamer, but it is really fun. You can actually create a full city in this game, exactly the same as you could back with SimCity 3000. It focuses more on city design than the happiness of the sims. I don’t care about the Sims to be honest, I just want to design the city and watch it grow. This app allows me to do so!


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