Games for Aspiring Spies

May 29, 2012

This list features games where sneakiness is built into the strategy of each level. So, don’t make too much noise!

Robbery Bob™

You get to sneak around various houses, stealing items for your benefactor who busted you out of jail. Stay alert! The AI in this game is particularly sly.


SPY mouse

Line-drawing stealth dominates this title from EA Games. The level design is unique and fun. Don’t pass up on this anthropomorphic game of cat and mouse.



The original game for sneakers and spies. This iteration of Metal Gear Solid is less about stealth and more about mayhem.


Beat Sneak Bandit

The fact that Beat Sneak Bandit is a rhythm game sets it apart from all other sneak games. Pure brilliance!


Hidden Objects: Gardens of Time

Hidden Objects is based off of a popular Facebook iteration of the same game. If you are going to be a professional spy, you’ll need keen detection skills.


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