Games for Adults

Jul 18, 2012

Some of these games are violent and others are thinking quiz games. Enjoy!

CryptoSolve: Classic

I haven’t been able to complete any of the advanced puzzles because I always need a hint or two. However, this game gets you thinking and it’s highly addictive. Recommend!


Logos Quiz – Guess the logos!

If this app were to collect information on the backend, it would be an excellent marketing tool. I’m not sure if I am proud or ashamed that I knew most of the logos. It was neat to learn about the ones I didn’t know. Check it out!


iSniper 3D

This is a really neat app where the screen becomes the scope and you move around using the accelerometer. Shoot the bad guys! Fun!


Clear Vision (17+)

This game is definetly not for children. After getting fired from his job in a supermarket, the main character finds that being an assassin is amuch better way to earn money and let out his aggression. He is requested to shoot a variety of people, mostly revenge shootings and must carry out each mission with accuracy. Highly addictive!


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