Games: Addiction Edition August 2011

Aug 10, 2011

What’s hot in game apps?

Temple Run

Make like Indiana Jones in this game. Beautiful graphics and great game play with intuitive controls. Highly stressful and certainly addictive!


Colosseum Heroes

This game brings on the nostalgia for those of us who played games on mid ninties PCs. Buy a weapon and kill monsters until you get the key to clear the stage. Old fashioned game play, but a fun game.


Ninja Fishing

This app puts a whole new spin on the fishing game concept! The objective is to let your hook sink to the bottom of the lake meaning you need to avoid fish then when you do catch a fish, hook as many as you can, then slice them mid-air. A fun and rewarding game!


Kickin Momma

The goal of the game is to kick a stone several times to try and collect as many gems as you can. It’s a fun game, but seems to be based more on luck than strategy. Still, a good time waster!


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