Games: Addiction Edition 4

Nov 18, 2010

Great Games are added to the app store daily. I’m here to help you find which ones will have you glued to your phone for hours!


This game has a similar dynamic to angry birds, but instead of making fat pigs go poof you try to toss an acorn into a squirrel’s mouth. Great graphics and very addicting!


Death Worm

This game had my thumb sore! The premise is a bit gory — you are a scary looking worm that lives to eat humans, tigers, cars, helicopters and more. To advance levels you have to complete x amount of kills, sometimes without getting injured. Definitely entertaining and quickly becomes a challenge!


Doodle Smash

The sister game to Doodle Jump. In this game you are a little girl alien going down instead of up. Fun and addicting with new cool graphics to keep us interested. These doodle aliens seem to be this generation’s answer to Pacman and Mrs. Pacman!



A very worthy free game! Help the Mr. AhhH, a stick figure, land safely on blocks by tapping the screen at the right time. Very addicting!


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