Gamer Diaries 2010

Dec 12, 2010

2010’s nearly over. The app store and iPhone sites are buzzing with summaries and recaps. Here are the games I truly enjoyed, played till the end, played over and over.

The War of Eustrath

This turn based SRPG imposes itself, boasting a fantastic story supported by beautiful character portraits, engaging gameplay and a refined user interface.


Samurai II: Vengeance

Splatter hemoglobin in amazingly stylish bucolic views of medieval Japan. Next best to a proper holiday.


Crimson Gem Saga

My fav RPG this year is older than the iPhone. Gorgeous graphics, a brilliant introduction and an engaging story make up for impossible controls.


Infinity Blade

Eye candy doesn’t get any sweeter. Plus it’s utterly playable and re-playable no matter how short.


Dark Break HD

Pricey and somehow diminished by sensitive controls, Dark Break has no contender on iPad. What other game features full 3D, sexy heroines and sublime water effects?


Queen’s Crown

An action RPG with a touch of humor, impeccably retro and irresistibly cute at the same time. Queen’s Crown features swift gameplay and the ton of side-quests I needed to enliven my commute.



The ‘space lasso throwing’ game that’s original enough that it remains one of a kind. More addictive than D….e J..p


The Incident

The Incident (and Super Mega Worm) are games I can forgive for so called ‘8 bit pixel art’. Getting to the end is just too hard but… never mind, it’s too much fun to ignore.


Twisted Fates

A weird mix of arcade play, visual novel and RPG, this indie title also boasts varied gameplay and an RPG style leveling up system. Pity there’s no sound effects.


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