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Published by Sam Eskenazi on Strategy

Game of Thrones: Conquest is an MMO strategy game that puts the player in control of a Westerosi house, vying for control of Westeros against other players.

On game start Daenerys has you fight some white walkers, and then gives you a castle. Then, a whole host of characters from the show appear and start giving you wisdom. Obviously a pretty pithy attempt at setting up the game to give you control of a little town to start fighting.

The gameplay of Game of Thrones: Conquest is very similar to other game of this same type, a genre without any significant name other than a real-time strategy massive multiplayer. There is very little difference ultimately between this game and Tribal Wars, or Travian, or any other game type of the same genre.

So, on being told to upgrade your farm, you click the building, click upgrade, then click finish. Yay, you did it! Then, do the same for this building. Then that building. Repeat ad nauseum.

The reason for this is to get you hooked on the idea of buildings being finished quickly, then suddenly suffering when you have to wait for building completion normally, encouraging you to pay real money to speed the game up.

Many people have fond memories of playing Tribal Wars or Travian back in the early 2000’s, enjoying their first taste of MMO gameplay and realising that games are meant to be enjoyed with others, opening the doors to a long and fulfilling relationship with LANs, MMOs and just generally not playing games entirely on your own behind closed doors.

However, Game of Thrones: Conquest seems designed to emulate the same gameplay system of those games, but without any of that wonderful nostalgia or first game joy. This creates a pretty soulless experience, without really any kind of continuous reason to play. The game is fun in the most basic sense of the word, in the way that finding a penny on the ground makes your day a bit brighter. Getting some resources, recruiting some troops and hammering the enemy gives a brief moment of satisfaction, but any kind of long-term fun is not really to be had here.

The game is fun in the most basic sense of the word, in the way that finding a penny on the ground makes your day a bit brighter.

Game of Thrones themed this may be, fans are likely only going to find either addiction or depression in Game of Thrones: Conquest.

Our Rating

Decently Game of Thrones themed.Entirely a rehash of Tribal Wars or Travian. First several minutes of gameplay are simple boring clicks, one after the other.
Game of Thrones: Conquest™
Game of Thrones: Conquest™
Developer: Warner Bros.
Price: Free+