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Jun 14, 2011

It’s almost Father’s Day, here are some apps – some serious, some silly and others off the way related to dads.

Stuff My Dad Says

Browse recent or shuffle through random tweets from @shitmydadsays. Amusing or ridiculous… you decide.


Pocket Dad

This app advertises itself as “Bring your Dad anywhere with Pocket Dad. This app gives you 7 soundclips from your grumpy ol’ dad.” It’s a big misleading because it’s not YOUR dad’s voice but it is a pretty generic recording with statements like “Do your chores and I’ll think about it.”. Good for a laugh at least.


Don’t Wake Dad

This is a silly game that involves catching flies and trying not to wake dad. It’s free (for now) so it might be worth trying out.


Hi Dad

If you live away from your dad and need a reminder to call just to say hi, this is the app for you. “With Hi Dad app, you’ll never forget to call dad even with the busiest of schedules. Hi Dad app helps us to track our calls to them, and places the impetus on us to make the call. A timely reminder for us to keep in touch – because a call can mean so much.”


Father’s Day Cards On-The-Go

e-cards can be customized so easily now with various app options. This app “makes it easy to send a personal card to your dad directly from your mobile. Simply select a card from our specially commissioned Father’s Day set, flip it over and draw your personal note on the back.”

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Fathers Day Free

This app has random father’s day facts, gift ideas for your dad and even activity suggestions if you don’t have plans yet.


101+ Father’s Day Greeting Cards

the name pretty much says it all


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