Fun & Useless Apps You Should Have!

Oct 23, 2010

Because sometimes substance is overrated! Here are some apps to turn your overpriced phone into a toy!

iSteam – Hot and Steamy Entertainment

An oldie but goodie! You blow into your phone to fog up the screen and then scrape away the icy misty with your finger. Best when you use a screenshot of your homepage to dazzle noniphone owners!



Makes lightsaber noises as you swish your phone through the air. Pretend to be a Jedi warrior! Do you really need a better reason to download an app?


Tesla Toy

Relive the 80’s with this app! If you were like me and your mother forbid you to play with those tesla globes at ever Spencer’s store in the mall, you can now get your fix!


Bubble Pop Action

Pop plastic bubble wrap! Instant Relaxation!


Newton’s Cradle Classic Megamind Edition

Another staple artifact of offices from the 80’s and 90’s! Be mesmerized with gravity!


Mood Sense Lite

Like mood rings of yesteryear this app tells you your mood!


Virtual Zippo® Lighter

Another oldie in the app store, but still deserves a mention. Design your lighter and flick on a flame with this app! No fire hazards are a plus!


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