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Sep 7, 2010

I am an Asian gamer who enjoys multiple types of games, anything from Racers, to Platformers, to first person Shooters, etc. I have been playing games ever since I was around 4 years old, and the first games that were really “games” were Mario Kart 64 and Mega Man 64. (I never beat Mega Man 64, since I was like, 4, at the time.)
I have decided to make this list because, well, I felt like it and people might be interested in what a life-long gamer might be playing.

Super QuickHook

Super QuickHook is a hook racing game with excellent physics, and a RPG-like system. With multiple unlockable characters and different hooks/hats, this will keep you busy. After you beat it (which could possibly take quite a while) also gives you two endless modes. One of them, called Avalanche Mode, has you running from an Avalanche for as long as possible. This mode is much more laid back than the other mode, Eruption Mode, which is pure survival, and is extremely hard to play. (But still fun.) There are online leader boards and offline leader boards supported by Open Feint. The endless modes will keep you coming back, if you can dig the hook swinging action.


Monster Dash

Monster Dash is pure survival, with you in control of the main character, running, jumping, and gunning your way through waves of random monsters and locations. The action slowly gets faster and more hectic as you go along, and all your high scores on distances and kill counts are stored locally. Distances are stored on Open Feint leader boards (AWESOME). This app is a close second to Super QuickHook in my opinion.


Veggie Samurai

Now, many people may have just disregarded this entire list once they saw this app on here because, well, it could be seen as a clone of Fruit Ninja, which it sorta is. BUT, with 6 different modes and multiple slicing of veggies, this sets this app way, FAR above Fruit Ninja. Your scores will be getting much higher up on this app, with the multi slicing and the mega veggies, which are just giant veggies that can be sliced a crap load of times. With all the people complaining that this game ripped off Fruit Ninja, I must ask you is: Did the original Call of Duty (which came out in 2003) rip off Medal of Honor (which came out in 1999)? Yes, it did, but did it expand upon the original principle of shooting people? Yes, it made them better. Just like Veggie Samurai.

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Doodle Jump

Well, this is almost like a classic on the App Store. Doodle Jump has randomly generated levels each time you play it, resulting in a slightly varied experience each time you play it. And, it’s always updated with new graphics and themes. If you don’t have this, then you should get it, as it is one of the prime users of iPhone/iPod technology.



Spirit could be seen as sorta like Geometry Wars, but instead of shooting, you draw circles around your enemies, which get progressively harder and faster, to defeat them. The graphics are simply amazing, and again, Open Feint hosts the leader boards.


Asphalt 5

This racing game has some crazy RPG elements to it, in that you must unlock and buy new cars and parts to keep winning. The controls are really awesome, and the progression in the cars’ speeds and handling is great. Even after you beat the game, racing against friends, random people, or the AI is just plain fun. The graphics really help this game too.


Dodonpachi Resurrection

Dodonpachi Resurrection can be seen as a pricey game, but as an arcade port (which means it cost around 25$ US to play each time), this is an excellent price/game. With two different modes with 3 different types of play styles/ships, this game is just awesome.


Tilt to Live

This app makes extensive use of the accelerometer and makes some great gameplay as well. You literally tilt to live, dodging the hostile red dots and picking up power ups to eliminate them. With weapons being unlocked by achievement hunting, and 4 different game modes, this game is a blast.

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