Fun Educational Apps: Best Apps for Kids

Mar 30, 2011

I Review apps for Kids and want to share with others to help parent find great apps for kids, apps that will encourage and stimulate learning the fun way.

GoKids Apps: Save Paris!

A new way for kids to learn about Paris and France and review French vocabulary via a fun, interactive and challenging game play.


Clever Tales

A great collection of tales from around the world. These tales are kids friendly and ideal for bed time story. A reading apps for parent to share great stories that lead to discussions.


World Academy

Smart app that will test your knowledge about the world in general via great picture, musical and audio clips. A bit tricky sometimes, but it is all about learning. World Academy is a top educational app for world geography and offers a complete overview from world famous landmark, flags, songs, music and even popular local cuisine.


The Mixed-Up Wacky Zoo

A great picture book app that offers beautiful illustration and an educational value where kids can review the terms used for each group of animals such as a tower of giraffes, a dazzle of zebras, a bask of crocodiles


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