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Mar 4, 2011

There are thousands of games in AppStore at the moment and sometimes you just feel like you wanna try it all. I found few games which I thought were the best games of all time.


It’s not easy to find a puzzle with the combination of shapes, color and filling. It trains your sights to be sharper by identifying the shape, color and filling to make a strike. Beside that, it’s really excite you whenever you hit a combo – making 2 or more strikes at the same time because you will get extra piece in your reserve and you can use it anytime.


Angry Birds

Best game of all time. Though I’m not really fond of the idea of exploiting the animals in games but I still thinks it’s cute. Especially when you enable the bull’s eye. It’s kinda cheating but for me with less patience, bull’s eye really helps when I almost give up after failed to kill all ‘oink’ for many times.


Plants vs. Zombies

The coolest game play ever and highly addictive. The addiction came from the pc game all the way to iPhone and iPad. I think this game is way better playing on iPad than iPhone.


Missile Master

Really cool intro. Sargent Sixpack going for a suicidal mission protecting artifacts from aliens invasion!


Sound Recall

Perfect music game for kids. Helps my six years old niece to train her brain using music and she is not a normal kid. Her brain development was delayed for few years compared to normal kids and because of this game, she improved a lot in learning. The latest update to this app just making it better. Now you can track your points and choose 3 different game mode.

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