From Amateur to Professional Photography with Photomatix FX

Nov 4, 2016

Since the introduction of cameras on the smartphone, the development towards improving this feature has grown exponentially in recent years.  As a result, people tend to capture moments of their lives with the help of these devices as opposed to using dedicated cameras which can be costly and a hassle to carry around. In conjunction with hardware capabilities of the camera, a variety of applications are available to assist in making the captured images look even more amazing. Photomatix FX is one such app which is specifically designed to enhance the look and feel of images that people capture with their iPhones.

With the app, users are able to give an entirely new look to the images that are already stored in the memory or through captured images directly from the app itself without using the built-in camera application. Moreover, Photomatix FX offers basic editing features to users such as changing saturation, temperature, brightness, and contrast along with making other adjustments including rotating and cropping. Once a person is done with the editing, they can directly share the image on social media networks from the app. In fact, it is compatible with a variety of leading social media networks available including Instagram, Flickr, Twitter, and Facebook.

While there are many competing photo editing apps available on the App Store, Photomatix FX differentiates itself from the traditional photo editing applications by offering a set of unique functionalities which can help to transform a photo to a completely different dimension. For example, the app comes along with six different photo enhancement effects to include Grunge, Surreal, Painterly, Vibrant, Enhanced and Balanced. These quick filters can help anyone from a novice photographer to a professional editor to change how an image looks without any photo editing skills. Furthermore, Photomatix FX gives variation between the available image styles ranging from painterly to natural in order to give broad choices of styles to its users.

Encompassing the suite of photo editing tools that are most popular, the app is somewhat comparable to other photo editors on the market. To differentiate itself from the competitors, Photmatix FX makes it extremely easy to edit photos without requiring any prior editing skills in order to fully utilize the features that are provided. Despite being $1.99 as opposed to free like other competing apps, the premium features that are offered make it a reasonable purchase for photo enthusiasts looking to enhance their pictures. For example, one of the most convenient features of Photomatix FX is the ability to do strength adjustments on images which enables users to control the strength of images that they capture.

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As the iPhone offers a camera which is comparable to that of professional cameras, the stock application only scratches the surface as to the full potential of the camera. With photo editing apps such as Photomatix FX, users are given the opportunity to edit their images on mobile devices as opposed to being restricted to a dedicated platform. Applicable to novice and professional photographers alike, the app allows for an unprecedented amount of control over photo editing and is a must-have for those looking to enhance images.

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