Frog Games

May 26, 2011

Do you love frogs? Then, these games are for you! Enjoy!

Flip Frog Colour and Sound Memory Match

FlipFrog is an excellent memory game with neat sound effects and graphics. What I like about it is that you only start out with four cards. As your matching ability increases more cards are added until the board is full. Great for kids!


King of Frogs

A fun puzzle game. Help the frog navigate to the King or Queen of the frogs. The main rule is that to jump to a lily-pad, you have to leap over another frog. This means you have to plan the arrangement of the frogs in advance. Remember, you cannot jump over an empty lily-pad. Good luck reaching the Queen.


Pocket Frogs – Free pet farming

I’ve spent hours playing this game! Highly addictive. Raise frogs from the nursery to the pond. Feed them and breed them. Make sure they are healthy. Sell them and purchase new habitats. Highly Recommend!


Frog Slide

Various slide puzzles of frogs in their natural habitat. Save them when they are complete and turn them into a slide show, make the puzzle larger when it becomes too easy. Neat and Fun!


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