Fresh Out of the Box iPhone apps: Part 2

Mar 5, 2011

My best friend, who I might add is a non-techie, got an iPhone this week and of course I had to help her decide which apps she needed. When she went home she had a total of 20 apps on her brand new iPhone 4. Here are the apps we ened up with. Did we forget any of your starter apps? This is part 2.

MobileRSS Free ~ Google RSS News Reader

and while she is not a mega techie nerd (like me), she does have a blog and like to read a handful of blogs. This is a great app to have access to the few blogs she follows. She says she’ll probably read them when she’s in waiting rooms at doctors and such.



she can manager her Netflix que and now she’ll get the real beauty of Netflix instant streaming whereEVER she wants!


Pandora – Free Music & Radio

gotta have the music on the go!


Ringtone Maker – Make free ringtones from your music!

just like the backgrounds app, we don’t like the default ringtones that come on the iPhone. You might want to wake up to Katy Perry one day.


Sephora to Go

hey there’s makeup and it’s in your pocket!


Shazam – Discover music, artists, videos & lyrics

I think this app will remain to be one of the wonders of the iPhone. Never have to ask “what’s that song” again.



shopping, from the couch, yes please



she has a twitter, she doesn’t use it much, but us tweeter (joke) folks are hoping her joining the iPhone world will change that a bit. We shall see.


Victoria’s Secret for iPhone

it’s a girl thing


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