Fresh iPhone Games for Apr. 22: NBA Jam for iPad, Coin Drop!, Choo Choo Steam Trains

Apr 22, 2011

The extremely fun NBA Jam has finally made the jump from iPhone to iPad, and it comes with some brand new features — like local multiplayer. Get the details on the new iPad version below, and read about a couple of other interesting, casual games to give your iOS devices some new cool things to do.

NBA Jam for iPad (iPad) $9.99

A phenomenal game on the iPhone already, NBA Jam is now available for iPad players. The two-on-two arcade basketball phenomenon is hilarious and fast-paced, featuring a great set of natural controls that let you race around the court, shooting jumpers and slamming dunks with an up-to-date roster of basketball stars, and a few political figures as well.

In addition to coming to the big screen on the iPad, NBA Jam has some new cool features on both platforms. EA Mobile has updated the game to include local multiplayer, so you can take on a friend on both the iPhone and iPad, either using a Bluetooth or a Wi-Fi connection. It’s not as good as online multiplayer, but it’s definitely a start.

Coin Drop! (iPhone, iPad) $0.99

Coin Drop! is all about strategically dropping coins and scoring points in a Plinko-style game that features 60 different levels of various themes. Each time you drop a coin, you want to direct it toward intercepting the various “bad pennies” that have invaded each stage. Shaking, tilting and bouncing off moving objects can help you catch all the pennies, as well as hit pegs and fall into certain buckes to score big points.

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There are all kinds of objects and puzzles to work through in the course of Coin Drop!, and the better you can manipulate your coins, the more points you’ll pull down. The game features Game Center support that tracks your scores out to its online leaderboards, and you can also unlock achievements as you play.

Choo Choo Steam Trains (iPhone, iPad) $0.99

It’s all about trains in Choo Choo Steam Trains, a game that’s part track-building, part quick-reaction management game. The competitive portion of the game has you adventuring from track to track, trying to pick up passengers as quickly and efficiently as possible. On each one, you have to grab a certain number of passengers and try to earn as much money as possible, switching the tracks and managing your fuel so that you can pick up all the passengers you can without letting too many show up at each station.

Each level you clear earns you new pieces of track that you can use to build your own model set that you can craft to your liking and watch run on its own. You can also set the game to run trains through various levels, getting a look at Choo Choo Steam Train’s 3D graphics in action while you relax.

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