French Connection

Apr 3, 2011

All of these apps have something to do with France. Can you figure it out?

What’s going on in New Orleans? Stay up-to-date with News, sports, entertainment, living, jobs, Mardi Gras, the Saints, and of course the BP spill. The app is well designed and easy to navigate with news from several sources including the AP and The Times-Picayune. Highly Recommend!


Was Leonardo Da Vinci The Mona Lisa?

This app morphs The Mona Lisa into a self portrait of Da Vinci. The similarities are truly astounding. It’s a mystery. When he painted The Mona Lisa was he really painting himself?



Did you know Napoleon had a Book of Fate? I didn’t either. Supposedly he consulted it once a day, except on the days deemed to be unlucky. It’s a series of questions including everything from marriage to battle. The answers are cryptic and similar in style to the Magic Eight-Ball.


Let’s Parkour PRO

Let’s Parkour is a very well designed easy to use app. It includes a description and a video of all of the basic moves. My favorite feature is that you can choose to play the video in slow motion. It also includes several training exercises that will keep you in shape and prepare your body for flipping, jumping and landing.


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