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Jul 4, 2010

For one reason or another, these apps did not satisfy my wishes for an iphone Basketball app. Free or not, avoid these because there are better out there.

Hoopster Basketball Lite

With this app, you have the ability to dribble and shoot the ball. You also have a close-up view of the net on the upper right of the screen, which is helpful. What I don’t like about it, are the controls. For example, to shoot the ball there is an icon that looks like a thermometer, the farther you drag the ball down, the more trajectory your shot will have. It does not feel very intuitive. To move around and dribble, you simply touch the arrows which dribble and move the ball for you.



First you position the ball using an aerial view, then you are taken court side where you aim and flick your wrist to make the shot. A series of boos or cheers ensues. I would pass on this one, because I enjoy playing the arcade version of basketball on my iphone much more.


Crazy Basketball

I’m not sure what this app has to do with Basketball, besides the fact that there is a basket and a ball. I guess it’s called Crazy Basketball because of the crazy characters in the stands like the panda bear smoking a pipe and what looks like a character from RugRats waving a flag. The music is also very quirky, too quirky for me.


Basketball 2010 Lite

I don’t know what’s going on here and can’t figure out how to use this app. If you have any tips, please let me know. I figured out how to dribble, then time runs out and thats about it. Is that all?

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Basketball Dribble

So pretty much, you fling your iphone around miming as if you are dribbling a basketball and it sounds like you are, but there is no ball or true skill involved. PASS!


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