Free Vegan Starter Apps

Jan 12, 2012

Are you considering going vegan? If you are it may be a very big switch for you and these apps will help.

Vegan Is Easy

While it won’t help you through the transition by teaching you about the vegan diet it will help you determine if the food and alcohol you’re eating (or drinking) is vegan. A good secondary app for someone who is just learning.


Vegan Recipes

This app will give you what you need for vegan recipes. Perfect for the newbie the recipes are rated by the community which is especially important for a newbie to a new diet so you’re not trying things that aren’t good and becoming disappointed. Best yet, this is free so why not try it!?


Vegan Pamphlet

Only for iPad users this app will introduce you to the vegan lifestyle. If you’re very new to the diet this app is definitely for you.


Is Your Wine Vegan?

Sometimes drinking or other types of entertainment make for the most difficult food situations. This app will help you with the wine you drink so you know what’s really in it.


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