Free Vaccination App Comparison

Sep 2, 2011

Whether you’re a traveler or a parent keeping track of vaccinations and knowing what you may need can be annoying. These apps will help you manage your vaccinations and some of them will help you track both yourself and your kidlets so check them out.

Healix Travel Vaccinations

Skip this app. Why? Because all it offers is a search of countries and what apps may be indicated for your travels. It doesn’t tell you the full CDC information. For example Nicaragua, my next trip, recommends rabies if I’ll be out around wild animals and the like but this app simply tells me to talk to my doctor about the vaccination. My doctor will simply tell me what the CDC site says. How about just giving me that eh? There are better apps out there that offer this information but better and include a lot more functionality. And hey, those are free too so why waste time here?



This app is a bit annoying. It has the schedule for your vaccinations but it doesn’t let you change when you’ve received them, simply allowing you to mark that you have received them. I didn’t get Hep B at birth but that’s the only option offered here. More importantly though it doesn’t allow for travel searches, travel type immunizations and the like. Basically this means the app is only for those of us in the US since it’s really only US based vaccinations. Again, keep reading because there’s a better vaccination app out there.



The best of the three free vaccination apps this app has it all. Need to add a couple of kidlets and yourself? Not a problem. Want to travel, all the countries are listed and the information returned is from the CDC website and complete. None of that “ask your doctor” nonsense when the information is freely available on the CDC website. This app even allows you to plan out your travel vaccination schedule, something that can be tricky for a lot of African countries.

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Thinking back to when I was 7 and we headed to Africa I’m certain my mother would have appreciated this app as she was managing her vaccinations, mine and likely my fathers. This app would have kept everything tracked and scheduled out and would have also included everyone’s regular vaccines schedule.

Most importantly this app allows you to change the dates of each vaccine so it’s not based on when you should have received something but when you actually did. This is the one that will stay on my phone. Great work VaxTrak!


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