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Apr 12, 2010

Let’s face it, we all wonder why Apple didn’t put a better lens on the iphone like something similar to the Nokia N95. Oh, how I wish I had that phone! That means that in order to take decent photos, you will need a few apps. The last time I sent a photo to my mom, her reply was-who is that standing in front of the Berlin Wall in the dark? No, mom that’s me in front of the Hollywood sign at sunset- I don’t know about you, but my app budget is running low lately. So, try these apps and pass them on if you like them!

Shutter Cam – automatic continuous shooting

O.K., it’s a little blurry, but we’re not dealing with a DSLR here. I haven’t seen many apps that do this. It’s free and it’s fun. It works best if you have ALOT of daylight. Also, I can’t expect the iphone to function like an SLR and I find that I always just miss the moment I want due to the delay. When shooting is continuous, I have a much better chance.


Photo Philter Phun – Free Photo Filters

Every time I see a picture like this, I think of Andy Warhol. It has many of the effects photo booth has, but not all and it’s fun. I’m mentioning it here because some of the filters are super easy photo editors that will make your pictures look better. I think sharing via twitter and facebook is standard by now. What about remotely sync with my computer?


SodaSnap Postcards

Perhaps this App should be in a sharing photos curated list, but I like it so much-I just might mention it twice! You can turn any photo into an e-card and send it. It also has some quick and easy photo editing features. App space might be a concern.


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