Free Hillarious Sound Making Apps

Apr 30, 2011

what can I say, I’m easily amused

Suck It Button

I would rate this app 2, it is funny for the first couple of minutes then it’s just annoying. All this app is a animated robot that says “suck it” in like 10 different voices. Maybe this would be a good app if there was more sound effects other than that one robot saying suck it. But still funny enough to at least try since it’s free.



it has offensive noises like farting, someone puking, burping. There is so many apps with this kind of content so I mean I guess it’s funny but I wouldn’t pay money for it. I would just get a fartin app.


Fart For Free

this is fun to use in class or on our friends. There is like 20 different farts so they don’t catch on that it’s from your phone as fast. But over all a good practical joke or to mess around with your buddies.


100 Buttons and Sounds Lite

there is so many sounds that are funny and fun to use on your friends. There is all kinds of sounds from offensive to annoying to cute to rude it just depends on what your looking for. Over all a good app to mess around with.


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