Free 2012 Election Apps

Jan 13, 2012

While there are lots of great apps out there for tracking government these are specifically aimed at this year’s voting season. Unless you’re a huge government junky these free apps should do the trick for you to help out when it comes time to go to the polls or send in your ballet as the case may be.

NYTimes Election 2012

I don’t like apps that aren’t really free but look free. Something about it just screams lame to me. That said, if you’re a NYTimes subscriber you might as well get your monies worth with this app. For the rest of us you’ll get a tiny taste of what the app truly offers… at least it’s enough to see if you want to pay up for the full content.


Twatcher 2012 Elections edition

This app is a great little aggregator of twitter contact for people who aren’t on twitter. Frankly even if you are this app will help you see just the political candidate tweets all in one place. While a lot of the government isn’t really tweeting why not watch those who do. Perfect for anyone who wants to look behind the twitter curtain without committing.


2012 Election Aid

Don’t know who is running? This app will tell you.


US election 2012 countdown – FREE

If you’re really excited by the election (or really bored) you can use this app to see when the big day is.


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