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Jul 29, 2011

If you’ve read any of my app reviews you know I love fotopedia and fotopedia apps. But there’s lots of photo apps out there right? So what makes fotopedia so amazing?

A couple of things. First, the high quality pictures shown in their apps. While anyone can add pictures to the site the site actually requires high quality, high resolution pics. No tiny jpgs here. Second the apps tell you about the pictures. Where are these places and what’s the history? No longer left with just a general area you can know more about each place in the photo and yes, you can add it to your travel itinerary, just in case you have the cash to travel the world.

WARNING: This app will make you question that cube you’re sitting in, even if that cube has nice windows and is well above the city.

Fotopedia Heritage

All the pictures are of UNESCO World Heritage Sites so your guaranteed something awesome with every picture.

There’s 25,000 photos of 3,000 points of interest so it’s unlikely you’ll be bored any time soon.

If you’re a traveler, of the real world or armchair kind, you want this app.


Fotopedia National Parks

If you love to travel and explore DO NOT get this app. Do not get this app if looking at insanely beautiful pictures of amazing places causes you to want to quit your job and simply travel. Most importantly if you’ve ever wondered if you’re missing anything by not exploring the United States more do not get this app.

It’s bad. Bad because the pictures and information are so incredibly amazing. Bad because it makes you realize just how little you’ve likely seen of the US. Bad because it will make you want to pack up and go because hey, that’s not all that far from me…

But in all seriousness, if you want to explore our national parks this app is what you need. Beautiful, information and a map to tell you where to go to find it.


Fotopedia North Korea

I love Fotopedia and I like this app though not for the normal reasons. Most Fotopedia apps make my travel bug really itchy. They show you beautiful places you already want to go and make it really hard to wonder why you’re sitting in a basement slaving away at a computer when you could be there… right there in that beautiful picture. It’d be so lovely to see yourself right there. This app doesn’t really do that for me but it has nothing to do with the quality of pictures. While North Korea certainly would be interesting to visit the photos are quite obviously what the photographer managed to capture and wow, they did indeed capture quite a number of amazing photos… but so many are amazing because they were allowed to be taken, more so than “wow, that’s really beautiful”. I guess the difference for me is that so many of the pictures simply convey the amazing oppression of this country. You do see the people, in their every day lives mostly and get the idea that these are just normal folks, but mainly you really see how weird the huge displays of parades and military and dance and propaganda really overwhelm the country. It’s a rare inside glimpse into a country you don’t get to see regularly. It doesn’t make my travel bug itchy but it is such a good glimpse into a society that few of us would want to live in that it’s well worth the download.

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Above France

This app takes you to France and while the Tour de France is over you can now see some of the scenery without all the fans. This app is, of course, all “above” ground as in way above ground. It’s aerial shots and while that might seem like it could get old or boring quickly it doesn’t, not with the quality of work these folks present. Coastlines, cities, homes and the often “just barely above” mountains are all displayed beautifully with this app. But honestly what makes all the fotopedia apps amazing and extra perfect is that you don’t just get a picture, you get information about the picture as well. Where is this picture? What’s the history of this place or this particular subject? If you’re intending on travelling to ANYWHERE covered by fotopedia and there’s an app you need it. Best yet the apps allow you to add yourself to a place as in there’s an “added to your trip” button. I am apparently heading to an island called Groix in the region of Brittany. Now if fotopedia could just somehow teleport me there….


Dreams of Burma

The very first picture I open to is so intensely beautiful that it seems like some sort of almost cartoon-esc picture of nature. You look at it and think clearly this is the backdrop for Disney’s latest animal flick. But no, no it’s not. It’s real. And really amazingly beautiful. Maybe you don’t have a travel bug. Maybe you just like to look at pretty pictures? That’s great and you won’t be disappointed with this app in any way. Like everything from National G and Fotopedia the pictures here are amazing and inspiring. Of course I could really give a better and more complete review if you sent me to these places National G and Fotopedia, you know, to see if these places look this amazing in real life. Hint Hint.

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