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Mar 5, 2011

In the past 2 weeks I’ve been on two social media foodie adventures. One with Chevy I went on a sweet hunt, exploring 4 places for Valentine’s weekend. The second was for Bizzy, we were testing the top 5 cupcake recommendations. Being social media folks, we documented along the way with the help of several apps.


the first step for us upon arriving to each location was to check in. I use Gowalla because this app also checks me in on Foursquare and Facebook.



Once our chosen food arrived, I proceeded to foodspot my dish. The way this works is your tag your particular food item and link it to the place you are. Foodspotting also integrates with Foursquare if you’d like your photo shared on that location page. My favorite feature of Foodspotting is that it uploads a photo to Facebook. A lot of the photo sharing apps (Instagram) share a link to a 3rd party page for Facebook photos, which means you can not find them later, at least not on the Facebook platform.



During our most recent adventure we were taking cupcakes and smashing them in our face! Seriously. We wanted way to share multiple photos of each cupcake: a before (pretty), our reaction to the cupcake, AND a face photo with cupcake/icing all over. Diptic allows you to create fun collage photos with various setups. I usually use the 3, 4 or 5 photo sharing. This is my newest favorite app.



I, like many people, have joined the growing trend that is Instagram. To explain it I’d just call it a “photo sharing app” but really it’s all about the community and interaction on Instagram. I shared photos from each of my locations on Instagram during my foodie adventures.

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since our most recent adventure for Bizzy involved smashing cupcakes in our face, we of course needed to document via video. Photos just wouldn’t do us justice. iMovie is a quick way to edit videos on the fly.



If you plan on being an on-the-go-foodie you’ll likely want to be able to share your videos without heading back to a computer. TwitVid allowed me to share my videos (hint: under 1 minute is much easier to upload) on Twitter and Facebook.


Bizzy for iPhone

the challenge I just completed was based on the 5 cupcake places recommended to me by Bizzy, a personalized recommendation engine. (I also happen to be a Community Manager for Bizzy)


MapQuest: Free Navigation, GPS, Maps & Traffic

during our first foodie adventure over Valentine’s weekend we were in Chevy vehicles with Onstar so lucky for us we had on the go directions (very awesome by the way). During our Cupcake adventure though we had to navigate from one place to another. The default map app on iPhone speak the directions outloud which can be quite hazardous in traffic, so I love the MapQuest audible navigation!


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