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Nov 22, 2010

If you love to chop fruit for points, or want to open a simulation restaurant, check out these apps!

Catch The Egg

I don’t know why the overall rating for this app is so low. I love it!
The idea of this app is simple, just catch the egg. . What makes it so exciting is how you use your iphone to do it. The different spatial perspectives offered by the app are a neat use of the accelerometer. And if you want a good laugh, read the safety guidelines.


Fruit Ninja

Slice and dice fruit-Ninja Style! It seems easy at first, but the levels get harder as you continue. This is one of my favorite Ninja Games.


Spill Da’ Milk™ – The Classic Boardwalk Game of Bottle Toss

Throw the ball and knock the bottles of milk over. Believe it or not, it’s tons of fun and highly addictive. You can also collect stuffed animals as prizes and put them on your virtual shelf. If at first it’s hard, just keep trying until your finger acquires the finesse to throw the ball at the target. There is also a list of high scorers I hope to be on soon.


Sundae Maker

This app is a little bit like Mr. Potato Head, except with the ingredients to make a sundae. It’s fun and certainly not as messy as the real thing.


Sushi Chain Lite

I loooooooove this game. It’s well thought out and requires a bit of thinking. Keep the customers happy by making them sushi. They give you a recipe guide and a phone to order ingredients if you run out. And remember, don’t serve saki to anyone under-age! Good Luck!

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Tiny Chef™

Learn how to run a restaurant playing Tiny Chef. Design the restaurant, design the menu, and earn points, popularity ratings, and the big bucks! Warning, this app is highly addictive and very time consuming! Not to mention, the music makes it very easy to buy accessories from the app store!


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