Food apps for the Seattle Food lover

Mar 4, 2010

If you live in Seattle then you like food and you might even have a conscious about it. Check out these apps to keep you eating in or out in Seattle in style!

Our Groceries Shopping List

Your significant other went to the grocery store but they didn’t get your grocery list first. Fix that with this little app that shares a grocery list between multiple mobile devices. No longer will there be an excuse for forgetting the milk!


Dirty Dozen

One of the best functions of the iPhone is to keep all those lists of things to buy and not buy handy. No longer do you have to memorize which items you simply must buy organic. This app tells you the dirty dozen of nonorganic foods and helps you choose which items you want to spend your organic dollars on, assuming you can’t get it all organic!


Seafood Watch

Can’t remember which fish is good to buy and which you should stay away from? This app tells you without needing to remember every type of fish out there.


Epicurious Recipes & Shopping List

OK, so you have your fish and your produce… now what to do with it. This app lets you search for recipes, gives you ingredients to shop for and tells you how to cook it. What more could you ask for?



OK, maybe you don’t want to eat in tonight. While it’s an old standby if you don’t have yelp on your phone you’re missing out. Sure, you know your favorite restaurants but what about when you’re in a different part of town or travelling. Yelp will save your skin and keep you from eating someplace atrocious ever time.

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