Following the wrong sign? Now an Ophiuchus?! Apps for Demystifying your Astrological sign!

Jan 14, 2011

Everybody is seemingly fate-less these days with all this astrology changing hubbub. I say look at the signs for what they are and see which one fits you the best! I used to be a Leo on the Cusp of Virgo, now I don’t know what the heck I am! Shoot, I may just have to follow my Chinese sign and be done with it, Viva Year of the Pig! These apps will help me wade through these murky waters!

Horoscopes by – Daily Horoscopes, Compatibility Readings and More!

This app is by far the most extensive in the horoscope app library. Tap on your sign and you’ll be prompted to pick from a multitude of horoscope categories: daily, love, monthly, yearly, finance, even canine! It’s almost overwhelming, but if you’re in dire need of astrological guidance, you can find it in this app!


iHoroscope !

This app gives you all the signs (well, not Ophiuchus, yet) and you tap it to either see your monthly or your daily horoscope. Well designed and easy to use.



A nicely designed daily horoscope app that keeps it simple and gives you your daily reading as well as a graph of all the areas in your life.


Today’s Horoscope by Kelli Fox

A well designed app and I find Kelli’s readings to be uncannily accurate!


Daily Horoscope Lite

This free technicolor app provides your destiny readings in a simple lay out where you tap your sign to read your horoscope. A great free horoscope app!


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