Follow Real Tweeters: Bird Watching Apps

Feb 7, 2011

I’m always spotting some cool looking bird at the park near me and I wish I knew more about them, here are some cool bird watching apps!

Peterson Field Guide to Backyard Birds

This is a beautiful app that lets you identify the birds you see with pictures and a clear description.


Bird Watching for Beginners

This gives a nice abbreviated guide to bird watching: equipment needed, where to find birds, creating a desirable landscape for them in your own backyard. More of an E-book than a guide, but a good start for bird watching noobs.


bird glossary

This is basically an encyclopedia of birds that gives a plethora of information on different breeds, the main lacking element however is a picture of the bird.



This is a bird watching diary that makes keeping track of your sightings a breeze. However the open nature of this app allows you make this a sighting journal for pretty much anything: animals, flowers, even celebrities if you are so inclined.


Bird Watching Manual

This is another e-guide to birdwatching with all the information you need to get started with your bird watching hobby.


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