Flight Control an intense, addictive ride

Aug 30, 2009

When I was a child, my family ate at a restaurant where you could listen to the control tower of a nearby airport as planes were guided in for landing. I loved this place because the pilots and air traffic controllers swore so much.

Flight Control, a $4.99 game app, brings out the foul language, too. This game is intense and you can spend hours playing if you find yourself stuck in an airport.

Flight Control is a simple idea: You guide incoming airplanes and helicopters to different landing strips. Players have two airfields and a far more difficult aircraft carrier to land upon.

But the game gets hectic quickly.  As soon as you start, several airplanes and helicopters fly onto your screen and you must guide them to the landing strips. To route the various planes, you simply touch the plane you want and swipe a line from the plane to its destination. Landing strips and aircraft are color-coded to help find the correct landing strip.

Some planes fly quicker while the helicopters are maddeningly slow.  As you successfully land planes, the difficulty increases and more planes enter the screen.

The concept is simple yet addictive. You have to land the planes on the runways at split-second intervals while avoiding a collision.

Flight Control features multiplayer functionality through the iPhone’s Bluetooth capability. When two people play, individual players can only land planes of a certain color. If another color plane enters one user’s screen, he just swipes the plane to the edge to send that plane to the other player’s screen. The game is intensely addictive. You can’t stop playing. I swear.

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