Flick Fishing provides great action and none of the slime

Aug 30, 2009

I would enjoy fishing so much more if I didn’t have to put something icky on the hook or actually touch a fish if I landed one. Flick Fishing will save you from all that unpleasantness. You can even play the game outside if you want.

Flick Fishing offers six areas to fish, from a peaceful pond to a wave-lashed deep sea boat. At your location, you choose among four different lures or baits and then cast away.

Casting is where Flick Fishing really shines. Flick your wrist to cast and your line flies out to sea. A reel then appears on screen that you turn clockwise with your finger to bring your line in.

When a fish bites, jerk your iPhone back to set the hook. Once you begin reeling in fish, you can raise and lower your phone to adjust the fishing pole, but you can’t pull it back to fight the fish. An onscreen meter tells you how much your fish is fighting back or tiring.

Flick Fishing’s downfall is its horrible load time. When I first opened it, nothing happening for 10 seconds. Then there was another 15 seconds where it showed a loading bar before getting to the main screen. That’s an eternity for a twitchy gamer.

Flick Fishing offers good graphics once you get past the load time and some very good sound effects to heighten the experience. When a pond isn’t handy or you don’t want to get your hands dirty, Flick Fishing fits the bill.

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